TorqueDial was founded by Haroun Adamu, a long-time consumer tech and automobile enthusiast, as a way to provide car owners with up-to-date information on cars and car accessories.

We aim to be the platform people turn to when they require in-depth knowledge about their vehicles, valid solutions to common problems, and the best products to elevate the car ownership experience. Our articles are well explained in simple terms, and our instructions are accompanied by numerous screenshots to make the processes easy to follow.

TorqueDial is an independent website wholly owned by its founder. And it was built without outside investment or corporate ownership.

About Haroun Adamu

Haroun Adamu headshot

When Haroun was younger, he wanted to be a doctor. He still wants to be one, but he’s long been bitten by the tech bug. He hasn’t become Bugman, but he’s been overtaken by a strong passion for consumer tech and cars. His passion for medicine is still going strong, though, and he’s currently in college for an MBBS degree.

Professional Career

Haroun Adamu started following the tech industry in 2014 and the automobile industry right around the same time. He eventually took up a tech reporting role with Android Police, where he has written hundreds of news stories covering Android and ChromeOS. Subsequently, he commenced a commerce role with How-To Geek, which sees him research and recommend some of the best tech products on the market.

Before his foray into tech writing, he crafted several sales articles and landing pages for copywriting agencies. Here, he discovered search engine optimization (SEO) and has become somewhat obsessed with it. As a result, researching the industry and keeping up with best practices has become something of a regular affair.

Subsequently, he transitioned to the automotive industry, writing for websites like HotCars and Vehicle History. This experience would spark a chain reaction that would eventually lead him to create this site. However, the final push to launch TorqueDial was his first car purchase in March 2022, and he’s not looked back since.