$100K Custom 2018 Toyota Camry Now on Sale for 39K

100K custom 2018 Toyota Camry
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The car has since been sold for just over $39,000, and the eBay listing taken down.

When it comes to luxurious customizations, many vehicles come to mind — from muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger to SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and pickup trucks like the Ford Maverick. But not a mainstream sedan like the Toyota Camry, right? You might have to think again as this owner of a 2018 Toyota Camry went to customization heaven with $100,000 in modifications. And interestingly, the used custom Camry is on sale for a little over $39,000.

100K custom 2018 Toyota Camry engine
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According to Carbuzz, Rutledge Wood, in collaboration with ZeroTo60 Designs, is the brain behind the custom job. He is well known for co-hosting the American version of Top Gear and his time with NASCAR, but he also happens to be a specialist in Japanese beaters. In 2015, he custom-fitted a 1983 Honda Civic Wagon with an Acura Integra B18b engine and covered it in tank green paint. The car eventually sold for $10,000. This time, things are a little more serious, as Wood’s Camry cost $100,000 in customization.

100K custom 2018 Toyota Camry wheel
Source: CarBuzz

The custom Camry’s exterior is finished in a striking “blurple” paint color and 3D-printed body panels. It features a 20-piece body kit, Continental Extreme Contact tires, and 20-inch rose golf Rotiform custom wheels. The cabin is just as modified, with notable design features such as a custom carbon fiber steering wheel, a baseball glove-leather interior, custom floor mats, and a Focal sound system for everything audio. As far as performance goes, the custom Toyota Camry houses a stock 3.5-liter V6 engine — paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission — generating 301 hp and 267 lb.-ft. of torque under its hood. There’s a Megan Racing suspension kit and a Wilwood Dynalite braking system for added performance.

100K custom 2018 Toyota Camry interior
Source: CarBuzz

The vehicle is slick, no doubt, but how much would you pay for it? If you’re swayed by uniqueness, this is as exclusive as a Camry gets. It’s still a used 2018 Camry, after all, but considering it only has 2,700 miles and the Camry’s reputation for reliability and longevity, it’ll probably last many years. The car is currently being auctioned off on eBay, and the current bid (which could go higher) is $39,000. By comparison, the average cost of a used 2018 Camry is $27,000 on Edmunds.

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