The 2022 Toyota Camry Outsells the Honda Accord Again in Q1 Sales Reports

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The Toyota Camry has been the most popular car in the U.S. for two decades now. And this is hardly a surprise anymore, considering it achieved this feat on the back of being one of the safest and most reliable cars on the road. Keeping up the trend — as it has done for so many years — the Camry has emerged as the best-selling car for the first quarter of 2022.

Pickup trucks like the Ford F-Series and compact crossovers like the Toyota RAV4 are currently bossing their respective categories and the auto industry as a whole. But when it comes to passenger cars, the Camry reigns supreme. With the first quarter of 2022 gone, Toyota’s quarterly sales report notes that the Camry has managed to ship over 61,000 units, per MotorBiscuit. Admittedly, that’s a far cry from heavy hitters like the Ford F-150 series, which sold almost 141,000 vehicles, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

2022 toyota Camry Q1 sales

The next-best-selling car (the Toyota Corolla) has returned much less than the Camry (below 48,000 sales), while the Avalon and Prius have less than 13,000 combined sales. The Camry isn’t just outselling siblings like the Corolla, though. The 2022 Camry outperformed its biggest rival, the 2022 Accord, by almost 20,000 cars. So far, the Accord has sold over 42,000 in 2022, 68% of the Camry’s total sales. The rivalry between the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry has raged on for years and continues to do so. Some publications, such as U.S. News, rate the Accord higher, but the Camry continues to come out on top where it matters: sales figures.

Despite the Camry dominating the competition, it isn’t selling as much as it used to. With the rise of pickups and SUVs, sedan sales have dropped overall, and the Camry is no exception. By this time last year, it had already sold more than 78,000. But you only have to look back to 2015, when it managed to pull in over 100,000 sales in the first quarter, eventually shipping more than 429,000 that year. Those figures seem unattainable now, but they’re more a testament to how much pickup trucks have taken over than a problem with the Camry itself.

Also, supply shortages, inadequate inventory, and higher costs of new cars could be contributing to the Camry’s declining sales. That said, the 2022 Toyota Camry is still relatively cheap, starting at $25,400 for the base LE trim. It’ll be interesting to see how it performs as the year progresses.

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